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+++ NOTICE +++

Due to extreme weather conditions in Scotland & Ireland, a huge amount of players have to cancel their entry. Therefore, we are making a re-draw and the publication might still take a bit!

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Shuttle Service notice

For those who booked a package, we will provide a shuttle service. However, if you did not provide your travel details, we will NOT pick you up!

If you did, when exiting through customs, look for our German Junior Open 'Meeting Point'. It will be visible as soon as you exit customs.

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German Junior Open 2018 - Players & Start Times



  • Seedings are: HERE

NOTE: Due to a technical error in the ESF rankings and many cancellations, the seeding had to be adjusted. 

Seedings as approved by the ESF seeding committee are now online.

  • Starting times:

BU13: 9:00

GU13 :9:00

BU15: 9:00

GU15: 9:40

BU17: 10:20

GU17: 11:00

BU19: 11:40

GU19: 11:40

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Starting times now online!

The starting times & seedings for the 2018 edition of the German Junior Open are now online!

Please check your starting time and in case of any irregularities, please contact us :)


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German Junior Open 2018 - Entry Form

Here you find the INVITE and the ENTRY FORM of the 2018 edition!


Please send us your entry form as a .doc file and not as a scanned pdf! Thanks :)


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